Meeting Notes – May 2019

Meeting Notes – May 2019

Horace Mann PTA meeting

May 7, 2019

Welcome and Introductions


Teacher Representatives

  • Ms. Fridlund
    • There’s a lot of special end of the year things for 5th grade. Math Masters has been amazing to see – there’s 150 kids that sit there just to work on math (Horace Mann has 28, the next biggest school there is Capitol Hill and they have only around 20 kids).
    • Eagle Bluff is coming up – the students will spend a week at an outdoor learning center and it’s an amazing program for the kids that’s unique to Horace Mann. The PTA helps with the bus, and there’s a leadership program (funded by the PTA) where students can work to earn some money towards Eagle Bluff.
  • Ms. Tarnofsky
    • The new classrooms needed some extra things (carpet squares, etc.) and the PTA help to get those has been great. The way the 5th grade is set up will be helpful for the transition into middle school.
    • Book Clubs help the students get excited to read and they can get new books that they really like.
    • The Twin tour will be at the end of the year and the kids are looking forward to it.
  • Ms. Pickart
    • The music program has been great and the 5th graders are excited for the musical that’s coming up.
    • Art adventure has also been something that the students have really appreciated, and the program is really well run. This year there was the Sunken Exhibit and may students went back to bring their families to see what they’ve seen.
    • Biz Town is a financial city and the kids learn about money, credit/debit, etc. They made resumes and learned about businesses. Biz Town is now in the midway neighborhood and it’s very updated and modern.

New Business

  • There’s a new PTA website in the works. Let us know what you’d like to see on there.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Jackie Hippen:  Ifyou are interested in more details of the PTA budget please contact Jackie Hippen directly at
  • May budget report:
    • YTD Total Revenue $130,624
    • YTD Total Expenses $92,269
    • YTD Revenue subtract Expenses $38,354
    • April 2019 Revenue $28,390
    • April 2019 Expenses $4,650
    • (our YTD is July 2018-June 2019)

Principal’s Report

PTA/HM Committee Updates

  • Yearbook Committee:  The Yearbook committee started a new initiative this year to provide a yearbook for every HM student regardless of whether a child’s family paid.  Families were very generous with donations and over $1,000 was received in donations for classmates’ yearbooks. A total of 445 yearbooks were ordered and distributed.  The PTA will cover the cost of contingency yearbooks and shipping. If you would like to co-chair or join the Yearbook committee next year please contact Karla Lauerman Cummins,
  • Free Family Fun Nights Committee:  Alex Kotze: .Thanks to all who helped with and attended the free family game night in April. It was a great night with lots of games and family fun.  This year was a huge success with three free family nights and 100s of kids and families attending. We are already thinking about next year and have some great new ideas like a family STEM night. If you are interested in planning for next year and/or joining the committee- please contact Alex at
  • Carnival Committee: Laura Vander Wegen:  
  • Spring Plant Sale Committee:  Anne Pavlis: The 2019 Plant Sale is Here!
    • Plant delivery date is Thursday, May 16th.
    • Please contact Anne Pavlis with any questions…thank you!  Also, if you would like to join the committee or be a co-chair next year please contact Anne Pavlis (
  • Business Partnerships Committee:  Karla Lauerman Cummins:

Leadership and Volunteer Opportunities and Updates

  • Many committees are in need of Chairs (or co-chairs – find friends to help!):
    • Silent Auction
    • Scholastic Book Fair
    • Plant Sale
  • These events won’t be able to happen without people willing to help. Please let us know if you’re interested.
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