Meeting Notes – January 2019

Meeting Notes – January 2019

2018-19 Horace Mann PTA Meeting Agenda

January 8, 2019

Welcome and Introductions

Announcements and Good News Minutes

  • There are always leadership and volunteer opportunities, so if you’re interested in doing more or know anyone who wants to get involved please reach out to Karla. You can pick something that works for your schedule and level of involvement you’d like.

Teacher Representatives – Kindergarten team

  • Ms. Jalonack – she likes the community feel at Horace Mann is thankful for the community and PTA support. She’s appreciated the flexibility to use her PTA classroom dollars to buy what she needs for the classroom.
  • Mr. Brunelle – this is his third year at Horace Mann, and appreciates the PTA’s help in the classroom (new rug in the room, books, etc.).
  • Ms. Simmons – kindergarten is using a new artist for the Artist Residency. She will come in April and will tie in some Earth Day themes in her visit. Ms. Simmons tried donors choose (school fundraising website), and got funding for a new double sided whiteboard. Field trips this year include Gibbs Farm, Dodge Nature Center, and Minneapolis Institute of Art.


  • St. Paul City Councilmember Chris Tolbert – his office has worked on applying for and getting Safe Routes to School funding in order to make pedestrian safety improvements near schools so kids have safe ways to walk and bike to school. The Snelling Ave. medians are another example of a pedestrian safety improvement. The city has added a pedestrian safety coordinator as well, to try and make improvements. Additionally, the city has been working on coordinating it’s programming to accommodate the school start time changes, especially with Parks & Rec and the libraries.

New Business

  • Notecards for new ideas or opinions – there was paper left on each table, and people were encouraged to write down anything they’d like (i.e. things they’d like to see at future meetings, questions they have, etc.) if they weren’t comfortable speaking in front of the whole group.
  • Parenting speaker – Parenting Speaker-David Bredehoft scheduled for April 15th 6:30 pm “Raising likeable, responsible, respectful children.”  Author of How much is too much? and How much is enough?  Resources on how to avoid the pitfalls of raising overindulged children and why overindulging children causes them harm into adulthood.

Treasurer’s ReportJackie Hippen

  • Provided fiscal report thru 12/31/18 and a financial summary of our school events so far this year. There have been three bigger events completed already. Make It Take It made about $250 (it’s generally expected to break even or lose a little money in order to be a community event). The Scholastic Book Fair made about $1,350 and the Read a Thon made $26,650. If you are interested in more details of the PTA budget or would like an electronic copy of what was presented please contact Jackie Hippen directly at

Principal’s report


  • February 11
  • Created 1990s to make better connections between families and schools
  • Way to celebrate and recognize families during Black History Month
  • Idea is to do it all year long, but also one special day
  • All families invited
  • Student planning committee with Ms. Traxler and Ms. Kolosso
  • 5th Graders at Biztown

Parent seminars

  • Office of family engagement
  • Tutoring coordinator is coordinating
  • Dinner and childcare provided
  • Tues, Feb 5, 6-8pm. Foundations of school success. Expectations help children. Build families’ trust in their capacity to help their children be successful in school. Work together and discuss how family expectations and home structure work together to support children’s success in school.
  • Recognize the role of values and priorities in supporting children to meet hopes and dreams
  • Discuss and identify factors that help children succeed in school.
  • Learn about the importance of setting clear and reasonable expectations
  • Share examples of how to provide a regular routine.
  • Thurs, Mar 14, 6-8pm. Understanding children’s emotional and behaviors. Learn more about children’s brains, emotions, and behaviors so that we understand why they do what they do. Practice ways to help our children with their emotions, and learn when we should be concerned as parents.
    • So learn about how our brains work.
    • Practice mindful parenting skills to pay attention to and understand children’s challenging behaviors and emotions
    • Identify red flags in our children’s behaviors and emotions

Enrollment and application deadlines

  • Also applies to question about funding from referendum
  • All can say now is about Strategic Plan
  • Realities for next year
    • Kdg is 77, cap is 78.
    • 1st is 79, cap is 81.
    • 2nd is 77, cap is 81.
    • 3rd is 57, cap is 58.
    • 4th is 61, cap is 93.
  • Implications for enrollment
    • Three sections of K-3.
    • Two sections of 4th grade
    • Two sections of 5th grade
  • Choice fair Jan 12
  • Open House Jan 24
  • Enrollment deadline Feb 15- must have 4th and 5th apps by then

PTA/HM Committee Updates

  • Family Service Night – Terri Shefelbine
    • The “Voices of Our Community” family service night is scheduled for Friday Feb. 22 from 6-8.  During this free family event, participants will work on service projects for our community and connect with seniors, pets, and those who speak another language.  This years projects include making cookie jars for seniors, tie blankets for recent immigrants, grocery bags for a food shelf, and care kits for people experiencing housing insecurity.  
    • Our next planning meeting is January 31 from 6:30-8 in the library.  All are welcome.   We are looking for volunteers to help to prep before the event as well as help staff it the night of the event.  Contact Terri with questions and watch Perspectives for more information.
  • Scholastic Book Committee – Britt Moore
    • We are looking for a few new volunteers to take over the management of the Book Fair for the next two years, as our two-year term is up! Please let one of us know if you’re interested – it’s fun and fairly straight-forward.  
    • Britt Moore – 
    • Annie Deneen – 
    • Christina Connelly –  
  • Free Family Fun Nights Committee – Alex Kotze 
    • Please join us for a free family movie night on Thursday, January 24 at 6pm. We will be showing The Incredibles 1. All families and siblings are welcome. We will have snacks and coloring activities for all.
    • The second free family event is BINGO night! Bring friends and family for an exciting night of bingo playing on Thursday, February 28 at 6pm. We will be planning a third night in April. We welcome ideas for activities and any input. Please email Alex any ideas you have!
  • Business Partnerships Committee – Karla Lauerman Cummins
    • We had our second business partnership night out on December 11th at Davanni’s and raised $315.27.  We had our most successful Give to the Max Day for HM with a total of $5,758.28 raised.  
    • We will have another business partnership night with Noodles on Ford Parkway on 2/6/19 from 4-8 pm with 25% of all sales donated back to HM.
  • Make It, Take It Committee – Susan Weislow
    • It went well, it got to be crazy busy. I think in the future, we should have less craft options which would mean we need less volunteers.  Overall, people really seemed to love it, lots of nice feedback from parents!
  • Family Volunteer Service – Karla Lauerman Cummins
    • Halloween Candy/Card Collection for Active Duty Military Service Members/Family Volunteer Service – for the sixth year, the Family Volunteer Service Committee organized a Halloween Candy/Card Collection for Active Duty Military Service Members in partnership with The Clark Extended Family.  Thank you for the outstanding participation again this year. Requests/Input from attendee’s: If you would like to help or have any suggestions to improve this activity please email Karla Lauerman Cummins at 
    • Say “Thank You” and Celebrate our Veterans/Family Volunteer Service – Karla Lauerman Cummins. New this year…to celebrate Veteran’s Day, November 11th, we invited all members of the HM community to honor veterans and active duty service personnel (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Peace Corps, etc.) in your family (parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.) by writing their name on a paper star and hanging the star on the big Thank you sign located outside the main office. Thank you to everyone that participated. Requests/Input from attendee’s:  If you would like to help or have any suggestions to improve this activity please email Karla Lauerman Cummins at 
  • Silent Auction – Anne Pavlis
    • Friday, March 8th is the date of the event, and it’s at the Harriet Island pavilion. It’s a fun, adult, night so get a sitter now!

Respond and review the comments and direct requests from Sept/Oct/Nov meeting

  • Speaker updates – parenting and Jacob Wetterling Foundation
  • School Garden
  • Comprehensive school calendar with PTA events
  • New fundraising ideas

Dates of importance:

  • Pre-K-12 School Choice Fair January 12th 9:30 am-2 pm
  • Silent Auction Meeting January 16th 6:30-8 pm
  • Landscape Committee Meeting January 17th 3:15 pm
  • No School-Holiday January 21st
  • Open House for 2019-20 Prospective Families January 24th 5-6:30 pm
  • Free Family Movie Night January 24th 6:00 pm
  • No School- Professional Development January 25th
  • Family Volunteer Service Night Meeting January 31st 6:30-8 pm
  • Silent Auction Meeting January 31st 6:30-8 pm
  • PTA Meeting February 4th 6:30-7:30 pm

Attendees: Jackie Hippen, Emily Hansen, Andrew Gilbert, Delina Ferfon, Emily Bedsted, Katie Water, Catherine Guglielmo, Celeste Kopacek, Brandon Mason, Stephanie Taggart, Carolyn Warren, Lisa Restabramlet, Jill Mack, Jeremy Streblo, Libby Stanton, Tracy Riekenberg, Amy Korteum, Laura Willson, Angela Jalonack, Mary Simmons, Cody Brunelle, Ame Pams, Sarah Schultz, Amy Hannigan, Terri Shefelbine, Melanie McMahon

Co-President-Nikki Mechelke,  

Co-President -Karla Lauerman Cummins,

Treasurer-Jackie Hippen,

Teacher Representative-Amy Kortuem,

Co-Communications Secretary-Allison Litzenberg,

Co-Communications Secretary-Libby Stanton,

Recording Secretary-Melanie McMahon,

Co-Volunteer Coordinator-Katie Sexe,

Co-Volunteer Coordinator-Tracy Riekenberg,

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