What Can You Do with All That Halloween Candy?

What Can You Do with All That Halloween Candy?

Trick-or-Treating is fun but all of the extra candy in the days following can be brutal. For the SEVENTH year in a row the Family Volunteer Service Committee has the answer!

Starting on Friday, November 1- Monday, November 11, you can donate some or all of your child(ren)’s trick-or-treat candy to active-duty US service personnel.

We are fortunate at Horace Mann to have a grandparent who is involved in a Military Support Group.  Mike Clark, grandfather of the Clark boys, is a part of a group that sends packages to US troops in combat zones twice a month. They would love to share some of our Halloween candy in their next shipment.

Decorating a thank you note to our soldiers along with your candy is a great and easy way to say THANK YOU to our service personnel.   The candy/card collection bins will be located inside the Horace Mann office from Nov 1st-Nov 11th. If you have any questions, please email Karla Lauerman Cummins. Thanks for sharing!

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